The Author

Neil ClarkNeil Clark has over 40 years of managment experience; about half of which was spent in IBM in various locations throughout South East Asia. The other half was spent in several different small buiness operations in Australia.

In both the small and large business environments, there is always the need to produce written documents that are powerful, meaningful and appropriate to the target audience.

(Note: Photo by Bronwyn Challans, who is a brilliant photographer!)

Performance Management Made Easy

Overworked ManagerYou can see a large collection of written work that Neil has created on the subject of managing people in business and getting the best performance from them.

Based on over 40 years of management experience in both corporate and small business organisations, this is an easy-to-understand and complete performance management system. Included are lots of practical tips and techniques that will help you manage your people.

This huge body of data is extremely valuable for managers (or business owners) who are just starting out. It is also a lifesaver for experienced managers who are spending too many hours at work, as it has also been called “The Overworked Manager’s Rescue Package.”

Exceptional Business Writing

Exceptional Business WritingIt really does matter how the words are put together in your business documents. If they are powerfully written, you will create the desired impact on your public. Newsletters, User Manuals, Technical Writing, Contracts, Job Ads and Business Articles; It’s the WORDS that make the difference.

Clearly written business documents, created in the most appropriate style, fulfilling the specific needs of clients.

Custom-Made Databases

Custom-Made DatabasesThis is another area that Neil is involved with. You may well need to set up a database to help you keep track of your business. With it you can easily find your prospects, customers and suppliers and send marketing and sales material to them. The key to these databases is that they are made to work the way YOU want them to work. They are totally customizable.

Easy-to-use databases that are fully customised to clients’ requirements and that work the way clients want them to work.

New Computer Technology

These two sites have some examples of other material I have written and produced. The technology revealed on these sites is the most exciting I have ever seen.

ExoTech – The revolutionary computer technology that enables computers to “think” the way humans do.

Peter Warren – Inventor, Writer, Entrepreneur and the founder of ExoTech