In the Tradition of the Golden Age of SF

Many people love the style of science fiction that the masters of the mid 20th century used to write. Giants of the industry, such as Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein, Arthur C. Clarke, L Ron Hubbard and many more, turned out such excellent stories. It really was a pleasure to read them and I still re-read my favorites every year or so.

Their writing styles were all different, of course, but they had a common quality that made them really special. They were the first. They effectively created the entire genre. And the overall style that they worked with is missing in today’s writing. Not to say that the SF of taday is not enjoyable – it is, of course. But it is different… And many people miss the style of the 40s and 50s.

The attempt of this website is to present some new stories along a similar line to those that were so enjoyed by so many during (and following) the Golden Age of Science Fiction. I must hasten to add that there is no inference whatsoever the stories published on this site are even vaguely as good as those that the masters used to churn out. It is simply that they are written along similar lines to those of the past.

Therefore, this is merely an effort to remind those who enjoyed the style of the Golden Age that it was, indeed, a lot of fun. And maybe my stories will bring back the flavor of that era sufficiently to give the reader some enjoyment.

Neil I. Clark
(Writing under the name: Chesney Parker)